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Orange TKO 57 mL (2 oz)
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Orange TKO 57 mL (2 oz) (SKU)

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Orange TKO is a 100% all-natural, super concentrated organic all-purpose cleaner made from the peel of an orange. Orange TKO is the most effective and economical cleaner and stain remover on the market because it is formulated from a high grade of D-limonene. The orange not only contains a high grade of D-limonene, but it also has plenty of sources.

You can use Orange TKO in a of ways:
- Cleaner/Degreaser for Household, Automotive, Industrial
- Pet/Agricultural Use in Barns, Shops, Gardens, Tress & Animals
- Stain Remover on Carpets, Clothing, Upholstery
- Cleans Air/Cuts Odours from Skunks, Manure, Pet and Footwear

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