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Disclaimer & Company Policies

● RSC CLEANING, INC. does NOT guarantee the removal of stains such as, rust, mildew or others caused by hard water build-up or lack of maintenance.
● We require a minimum 1 hour arrival window to assist with anything unforeseen and out of our control.
● We require 48hrs notice for cancelling, changing or adding time to your appointment or a cancellation fee of $75 + applicable taxes is applied. If it is within 12hrs or less of your scheduled clean the full amount of the clean you scheduled will be applied.
● Should you not be satisfied with your cleaning service and ample time without restrictions was given we will come back within 24hrs free of charge to fix the area/s of concern. If ample time was not provided then we do not guarantee services.
● We do not provide cash refunds.
● All areas are expected to be free of clutter and accessible.
● We require to be informed of items or surfaces needing special care 48hrs in advance.
● We are NOT responsible for damage due to fault and/or improper installation or age of any item.
● All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed properly sealed and ready to be cleaned with cleaning agents without causing harm to them.
● Furniture on wood floors is assumed to have proper protection we will not be responsible for furniture scratching or damaging flooring.
● For safety, no other jobs should be done while we are cleaning.
● The presence of other workers or excess of people in the house might cause the estimate to be inaccurate. Having other work done in a house/office while our teams are working might affect the cost and time needed to complete the cleaning to your satisfaction.
● No heavy furniture will be moved unless discussed and agreed upon in advance.
● If you have a pet that cannot be controlled or shows aggression you are required to remove it from all work areas. Should you not be able to accommodate we will not provide services and you will be charged the full amount that you scheduled the services for.
● You are required to provide access to hot water and electricity for all cleaning services.
● For terms and limitations refer to our Terms of Service provided by our office.
● A 5% monthly penalty will be added to invoices 30 days late from Date of cleaning. An additional 5% penalty will be added every 30 days there after.
● There is a $2.00 administration fee applied to all invoices.
● There is a $5.00-$20.00 Fuel surcharge for each cleaning based on location.
● The customer is responsible to provide parking for the cleaners. If you are unable to provide free parking the customer is responsible for all parking costs. We appreciate your understanding of these guidelines and thank you for your business.