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About Us

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About RSC Cleaning

RSC Cleaning Inc., a proud Filipino-owned business based in Regina, has been dedicated to meeting the city's highest cleaning quality standards since our establishment in 2011.
Our commitment at RSC Cleaning goes beyond merely cleaning spaces; it's about ensuring Complete Customer Satisfaction. We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence where nothing less than "Completely Satisfied" experiences will suffice for our valued clients. To underscore our dedication, we proudly offer a distinctive 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, providing assurance and confidence in the quality of our services.
When you choose RSC Cleaning, you choose a cleaning partner that works tirelessly to achieve your specific goals. We understand that hiring a cleaning company is not just about the short-term goals; it's about establishing a partnership that remains steadfast over the long haul. Our philosophy revolves around the customer, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships by understanding and fulfilling their unique needs, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

At RSC Cleaning, we cherish the philosophy that our life revolves around our customers. Building good relationships by consistently meeting their needs and ensuring their satisfaction is the core of our values. We take pride in reassuring our clients with the comforting words, "You can count on us anytime!" This commitment to reliability and customer comfort sets us apart from our competitors in the industry.

What truly differentiates us is our unwavering pride in our work. This pride is evident in every aspect of our operations and resonates in the quality of service we deliver. Choose RSC Cleaning for an unparalleled commitment to excellence, genuine customer care, and a dedication to creating spaces that shine with cleanliness.

Meet the President

About Nico Cruz

I'm Nico Cruz, and I am very grateful to have lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, for over a decade. As one of the managing partners of RSC Cleaning, I take pride in our company's track record of delivering exceptional results for local businesses.

We've had the privilege of serving esteemed establishments such as Stapleford Medical Clinic, various churches in the city, and reputable construction companies like Ledcor Construction and Westridge Construction. Our services also extend to institutions like Conexus Credit Union, TCU Financial Group, Affinity Credit Union, INVIVA, Handicare, SALPN (Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses), Rubicon, BRINKS, and West Landing Dental Clinic, among others.

Situated right here in Regina, our beloved city, I am enthusiastic about demonstrating how RSC Cleaning can significantly enhance your facility's overall appearance and cleanliness.


Meet the Team

Demi Cruz-Terry

General Manager/ Head Administrator

Donna Cruz

Office Manager

Patrick Terry

Media Marketing Manager/ Admin

Darryl Cruz

Operations Manager

Harry Arellano

Cleaning Supervisor


Our 24 Dilligent Cleaners

RSC Cleaning HQ

At RSC Cleaning, we strive to leave a lasting positive impression with our exceptional cleaning services throughout the city. Ensuring cleanliness and orderliness is a priority in the spaces we serve and a key goal at our headquarters.

Guided by the belief that "first impressions last," our creative team embarked on a dream project to infuse our RSC Cleaning head office with lively and imaginative colours. We invite everyone to visit and experience the dynamic atmosphere of our uniquely designed workspace, a true reflection of our dedication to excellence.

Feel free to drop by and say hello! Our doors are open, and we warmly welcome you to explore our creatively inspired office. As a gesture of our hospitality, enjoy complimentary hot and iced coffee on us at any time. We're eager to accommodate you and share the vibrant energy of our workspace!